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Going for profit!!

2010-01-16 17:28:55 by Parkerman1700

Hey all you cool kids/adults!

I am trying to sell some of my music, yet it's pretty much a donation seeing as it's for download on this website for free, but...ANYWAYS, if you would like to purchase any of my songs for 49 cents, and help a bro out, hop on over here: 700

Also, if you would like to support me further, join my facebook page! 250+ members already! n1700-Music/189531829344


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2010-01-31 14:13:05

God looks like thespammer has done it again. :(


2010-02-01 22:04:24

Wow, someone else besides me lives in Arkansas? Now there's a change...

Your Tetris remakes are pretty exceptional(ly badass!), I should review them sometime, as well as buy your album and support ya. :D

Parkerman1700 responds:

Haha I don't even have an album, its just a few singles, but if you did support me, I would be forever in your debt!

Thanks man!


2010-02-21 09:01:30

You are awesome...


2010-06-09 15:28:48

Ur pure pwnage I'd buy ur songs if they werent for download here.
srry but better free than otherwise. If theres an album or on itunes, ill be happy to "donate".
Anyways, keep the songs cming man!


2010-06-22 22:20:52

yo its me again. i am still kind of ashamed of myself. but at least your getting some money now.i hope its what you need man.


2011-01-08 20:15:26

i have featured your name in the description of my video. thank you alot! the video can be viewed at 1BR88 thanks so much for your help :)


2011-04-15 12:07:48

If I had any money, I'd definetly buy your songs, they're awesome man!


2011-11-23 00:41:21



2011-12-23 15:53:13

dude i love the music you put in Tetris'd 3 if i was 18 and not 9 i would bye it but my parents probably would not aprove peace out man