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2012-04-19 23:09:59 by Parkerman1700

Hey everybody, I'm lookin' for fans cause I've got to have a good fan base!! If you want to support me, you can add me on facebook here: c/189531829344

I love all of you.


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2012-12-31 05:51:06

(dude when you start to make new music? )

Parkerman1700 responds:

Working on a song right now!


2013-01-16 12:25:05

funny music (Vitamins z) (Blacklights)and Dasha(Tetris `D) super


2013-05-27 10:37:00

sorry that I said stupidity !


2013-05-28 09:54:15

I sincerely thank you for creating great music, I wonder, why say it ? when I first video T T E R I S D I got the taste of music), when I accidentally found out where music can be found online and that's what I first Newgrounds, and accidentally listened Vitamin Z and carried me that I liked)))))))))))) and I became your fan, but it was cool and n other performers Newgrounds and I liked this network), if it didn T E T R I S ' D I didn't know it Newgrounds and not pain fans , thanks to this, you are a great music created ) thanks Parkerman1700 )

Parkerman1700 responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate that you enjoy my music. That is very kind of you to say.


2013-05-28 10:02:38

but 12/31/12 and 1/16/13 , sorry that I said stupidity ! (
( I badly know English language !!! )
sorry (